Telephone Counselling

Telephone Counselling

Is it difficult for you to attend therapy sessions in person?

Do you travel a lot as part of your job?

Do you live outside of the Greater Vancouver area?

If any of the above are true for you, then telephone counselling might be a great alternative to in-person therapy sessions.

I have been providing phone counselling for a number of years.
It has proven to be very effective for both individual and couple therapy.

Kayla and Her Partner Find Love Again

I had hit rock bottom when I got back in touch with Candace. I had worked with Candace the year before while living in Vancouver, and she had helped me beyond belief to repair the relationship I had with my partner who was drinking very heavily. Candace had also helped me look at some of the anger I was carrying and work through several issues of family history, such as growing up in a house with an alcoholic parent, and moving me forward into a life I could only imagine.

Following this period in my life, I moved with my partner overseas and things were going very well. However, it was shortly after our move that he started drinking again and I knew we were in trouble. There was only one person I could trust to help me work through this again and so I reached out to Candace. We had always had our counselling sessions in person before, so I was not sure if we could work via telephone and how that would look.

Candace was incredible. We set up weekly sessions for an hour on the phone and combined one-on-one sessions with couple’s sessions to work through our issues, individually and together. It had become apparent that my partner was an alcoholic and Candace helped us both come to terms with this.

At the beginning my partner and I were both in a very bad place. I did not trust him, and I wasn’t sure if we could ever get back to a place of love and happiness where we could be a loving couple again. His self-esteem was beyond rock bottom, and it was very difficult living together where all our days were dark and filled with this overwhelming sadness of a life (our relationship) coming to a bitter end.

Candace helped us through each week with practical and loving counselling. In our weekly sessions, talking on the phone was probably easier than in person as we could do it from the comfort of our own home, in privacy and in our pyjamas! (especially considering the time difference).

Some weeks were very difficult and uncomfortable, as looking deep within is never easy, least of all expressing what is in there to another human being. Candace never judged me, but she was always honest with me and helped me to understand how I could find my true self. Gradually my partner and I started to have a few more good days than bad ones, and after a few months we realized we were having quite a few good days — and some were even filled with laughter again.

Words are not enough to describe how Candace has helped me change my life, repair our relationship and find our love for one another again. Candace has helped us re-build a new and solid foundation for our relationship upon which love and trust are the cornerstones. I cannot thank her enough for her love, compassion, honesty and wisdom.

If you are in a difficult place, trying to manage with addictive behaviours in your life, then I would not hesitate in calling Candace. It’s not easy, but for me things only started to get better in my life once I picked up the phone and started talking.

Benefits of Phone Therapy
  • It allows you to receive counselling from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • It provides you with an added degree of anonymity.
  • You can have therapy sessions while travelling.
  • You can receive counselling sessions regardless of what part of the world you live in.
  • You can still benefit from therapy even if it is difficult for you to get to a therapist’s office.

How does Telephone Counselling work?

Phone counselling sessions are similar to in-person sessions. Most sessions happen on a weekly basis and are 60 minutes in duration, unless otherwise negotiated. All sessions are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.

In our telephone sessions, we can discuss the same kinds of issues that are generally discussed in person. Some of these might include difficulties stemming from “addictive behaviours” such as:

  • substance misuse
  • eating disorders
  • gambling
  • internet addiction
  • compulsive overspending
  • codependency in relationships

With phone therapy, we schedule our time together in advance and you call me from wherever you are at the appointed time. For those of you who do not live in the Vancouver, BC area, there are a number of very inexpensive long-distance phone plans. Two websites that could be useful to you are:

How is payment made?

Payment is made at least 24 hours before your session. You can pay in a variety of ways:

  • PayPal (via your credit card, bank account or PayPal account)
  • email money transfer
  • cheque
  • money order
  • Western Union

Payments are not refundable and cancellations need to be done 24 hours before the appointment. If you are unable to give me 24 hours notice, but we are able to re-schedule our appointment for the same week as the cancellation, you will not be charged for the missed session.

If you would like to schedule a FREE 15-MINUTE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION with me to find out more about my phone counselling services, please call me at 604-677-5876 or email me.