Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

Are you struggling with addictive behaviours?

Or, are you close to someone who is?

Individual counselling gives you a chance to be able to resolve your problems in a safe place.

Length of Sessions:
Sessions are one hour in length.
You can decide how often you want to attend sessions. Generally, when you first begin counselling, it is a good idea to commit to coming at least once a week. This way you can more quickly break through whatever has been getting in your way of overcoming your addictions.  

You may also choose to come twice a week for a while, if your problems are of a more urgent nature.

Length of Therapy:
The length of time that you remain in therapy will depend on a number of factors.
Some issues can take more time than others to resolve. 

For example, if you are a substance misuser, you may need to look at going to detox and/or a residential treatment program.  

Together we will assess the duration of your therapy on an on-going basis.

Mark Stops Drinking and Discovers Compassion for Himself and Others

I was drinking too much. I knew that I had a problem but I certainly didn’t know what to do about it. I had worn down the trust and respect of my partner and myself with countless broken promises, and in the depth of my confusion and pain I found Candace’s number on the internet and gave her a call. It was one of the most valuable calls I have ever made. 

With Candace’s help and guidance I was able, for the first time in my memory, to recognize and fully accept my feelings. Eventually I became able to understand what was making me drink abnormally and what I could do about it. Candace patiently helped me to realize that the drinking was the symptom of my problems and not the cause of them.

Talking with Candace has been very illuminating for me, as I continue to find myself in the midst of the ongoing revelation called Life. My self-respect has come back, and my dealings with my family have become healthy.  My mind is far more open and my thought processes are clearer.  I find compassion now for others, and even for myself, which I simply never could have felt before.  I understand and know myself today, and I recognize and act on all of my problems instead of drinking in order to run away from them.

I have been caught up in the web of guilt, depression and hopelessness for the past 30 years because of addiction in my family. I am not a “joiner” so I didn’t attend Al-Anon or other groups for families.  However, over the years I have received extensive counselling, but I remained stuck.

It wasn’t until I had a counselling session with Candace and then read her book that I made a breakthrough. I understand now that I have a voice in this whole thing. I was raised in a home where we were not allowed to be angry – “nice people” never showed anger. As a result I became passive and just tried to be nice.  

Now I know there is a far healthier and happier journey for me, and I owe this to Candace and her powerful book. It is not too late for me – and for others – to set boundaries and to make changes with those we love. I have already done so and it feels hugely liberating. Thank you Candace.

Barb M.